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Lives Without Limits Blog

LWLGA Jun 2018

Lives Without Limits presented on “adaptability” at Southern Regional Technical College today for Project Impact with Hands On Thomas County. The students were able to experience 5 different stations. The first station the kids were blindfolded and had to guide their partner with a walking cane. The second station they had to use a fettuccini noodle placed in their mouth and thread a small noodle on without using their hands. The third station was decoding scrambled sentences representing Dyslexia or reading challenges. The fourth station was using crutches and having to carry bags of groceries around the room. The fifth station was using earplugs and having the other student make a statement to them and they had to wrote down or read the lips to decipher what was said. The students at the end asked some very thought provoking questions pertaining to disabilities and adaptability.

Thank you to HOTC for allowing us to be a part of this day to help educate our future leaders of our community and help make an impact and an impression on the students lives. A great big thank you to SRTC for the use of the facility and providing Chick Fil A lunch to all who participated today!